floral watercolor



We are a boutique interior design studio based out of Austin, Texas, who enjoy building well-loved homes and connections with our clients. Founded on the idea that art and design should bring peace of mind to all who encounter it, Hakuna Haus Design Studio began as a concept rather than a structured business. The word hakuna means ‘neither here nor there.’ As a creative thinker who is always striving to remain open-minded, this struck a chord with me. The idea behind hakuna allows doors to remain open to a variety of blank spaces and canvases. The word haus refers to the clean lines and bold, graphic style of the Bauhaus movement, resulting in a give and take of freedom of expression, intentional relationships, and refined quality.

floral watercolor


With a family lineage of craftsmen, artists, and entrepreneurs, I knew I was destined to be the owner of a creative company. My path began in middle school when I started to become heavily influenced by the talented females around me. I remember late nights, watching my mother feverishly sketch renderings for her critiques as she went back to school for interior design. I also had an eccentric sixth grade art teacher who encouraged me to not only make art, but to display my work as well.

In 2007, I obtained a degree in Visual Art Studies from The University of Texas with a plan to teach fine arts. However, I suddenly fell in love with retailer Anthropologie and became obsessed with working for the company. Out of sheer persistence and a decent portfolio, I eventually landed a job for them creating custom art installations, fashion styling, and home decor merchandising. I was with Anthropologie for over ten years, participating in multiple store openings, events, and visual management. It was there that I started to develop friendships with customers and help style their homes.

As I was moonlighting as a decorator, my experience with installation art and interior styling gradually grew into full home renovations. I started Hakuna Haus Design Studio as a way to connect with clients by sharing my personal aesthetic and passion for interior design.